Remedies for Moon

Remedies for Moon

Which planet is crowned as the queen among the imperial stars? The answer is Moon. It is held in such regard because it is by far the most influential planet in Vedic Astrology. Moreover in Hindu astrology, the Moon sign is considered to be of more importance than the Sun sign. That's why making yourself aware of Moon Remedies  is mandatory. It is a popular belief that Moon influences our emotions and mental capabilities.

It is responsible for how we feel emotions and how we deal with these feelings in our minds. However, when Moon is weakly positioned, it can lead to health issues like mental disorders. Moon is also responsible for any change in our interests and inclinations. If you're suffering from a sudden lack of interest in anything then you may have found the cause.

Negative Effects

According to Vedic Astrology, when Moon is positioned unfavorably in a horoscope leads to mental disorders as mentioned before. Moon also affects our interests and inclinations, thus when weak can result in a lack of interest in anything. The person in question can become extremely pessimistic and irresolute about life. Depression is not considered uncommon among natives which sometimes leads them to alcoholism. Natives in this case are prone to a huge amount of stress.

Effective Astro Remedies

Fortunately, due to trusted astro remedies offered by Astrologist Hemant Bhardwaj, you won't lose crucial opportunities for growth in life and will enjoy the benefits bestowed by other planets. Moon has a  profound influence on our daily lives so here are a few astrological remedies for cure for Moon given by Hemant Bhardwaj to lessen its negative impact:-

      Wearing Rudraksha is a good remedy for Moon.

      Offering milk to a Shivling every day or every Monday can prove to be advantageous

      Show more respect towards females.

      Offering Arghya to Moon on the night of Purnima can also bring positive results.

      Try to meditate on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes.

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