Remedies for Mars

Remedies for Mars

Sidelining the origin, Mars or the Mangal planet is widely recognised as one of the most aggressive planets in our Vedic Astrology. This dosha can invite loads of adverse effects to the person in question and as long as the general population is concerned Mars Mahadasha only symbolises an inauspicious period of their life. Despite there being a good response from the planetary placement of Mars, this malefic planet is famous for its authoritative presence and it can challenge the natural persistence and patience of a man.

Negative Effects

Whenever you find Mars in unfavourable houses, the malefic results or consequences attached to it are bound to come up in the native’s way. Unfortunately, an unpleasant surprise will also be on its way for seven years if Mars combines with planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The negative effects are:

  A person suffering from mangal durdasha can experience a lot of disputes, fights and legal issues

  The person in question may experience a sudden anger burst or an increased amount of enmity on the professional front.

   It increases the chances of severe injuries due to any unfortunate accidents.

   The person in question should also avoid fire.

Effective Astro Remedies

Now even an ignorant person can tell about the dangers posed by Mangal Durdasha but fret not because  Hemant Bhardwaj,The Best Vedic Astrologer is more than happy to help you. In the case of mangal durdasha, it is essential to seek the guidance of a seasoned astrologer like Hemant Bhardwaj for suitable and best astrological remedies. Some of the common astrological remedies for cure are given below:

      Start wearing a gold ring exclusively adorned with a Red Coral on Tuesday.

      Buy a 3-faced Rudraksha and start wearing it on the neck.

      Make sure that you recite Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.

      Try to get a Mangal Yantra which works as a pendant and also keep it in the auspicious pooja place at your home.

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