Score70 / 100
PeriodJanuary 1 to March 31
PredictionLeo natives may enjoy a good year in 2022 with financial prosperity and growth in their careers. You may face obstacles in different aspects of life in this year which you can deal with great confidence and skills. Peace may be maintained in the family, and you may have to stay positive throughout the year and utilize positive energy in work and relationships. Students may have hurdles in academics this year.
HealthScore : 55 / 100
Leo natives might face health-related issues in this period, and you may enjoy stable health conditions.
RelationshipScore : 60 / 100
You may encounter conflicts between you and your partner during the months of January and February. In this period couples who are in long-term relationships might get married.
CareerScore : 70 / 100
You would make considerable progress in your work and profession because of the placement of Jupiter in the seventh house. There are also indications of having new sources of income if you are related to some work in partnership. You may have desired gains and remain satisfied with your partner. People who are in a job would enjoy more respect and regard at the workplace.
TravelScore : 55 / 100
You might also travel abroad for business meetings.
FamilyScore : 65 / 100
Leo natives will get along very well, especially with their male relatives who are close to you in age. This includes brothers. The second child is on the cards for married Leo natives. This is a great year for Leo natives to get married. Do this when Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction to get good results. If you are married, this is also a very good period to try to conceive. Not only will this be a joyful occasion in itself, but it will also enhance your relations with the in-laws.
FriendsScore : 55 / 100
Your friends will help you to rise in your professional life.
FinancesScore : 70 / 100
You will be blessed with the good financial background this year. Due to sudden progress professionally, your income will increase.
StatusScore : 55 / 100
Your social status may also get upgraded and auspicious events may take place in your family during this period.
Score55 / 100
PeriodApril 1 to June 31
PredictionDuring period you will be physically fit. But due to negative thoughts going in your mind, you will feel tired. There will be an effect of air and bile in your body.
HealthScore : 45 / 100
Some mental tension and anxiety may pop up which may drain your will, so better spend time doing meditation.
RelationshipScore : 65 / 100
Marriage proposals may get finalized. Couples in a relationship may have a mixed time, but you can expect better understanding with your partner. Small conflicts and differences of opinion may be there, but they may not affect your relationship seriously.
CareerScore : 45 / 100
Some serious career problems will cause a lot of anxiety. Just try to avoid using harsh language with your colleagues.
TravelScore : 35 / 100
Not a very good time to travel.
FamilyScore : 65 / 100
You may spend a lot of time with your family decorating your house. Such experiences are very encouraging and joyful.
FriendsScore : 35 / 100
You lose some of your old friends, quarrel with female friends can be there.
FinancesScore : 45 / 100
Your natural need to spend money would create a problem for you. The sense of responsibility will lift during this period but don’t get overconfident at this time. You need to get your finances in order.
StatusScore : 35 / 100
Your enemies will try hard to destroy your reputation, so better be cautious.
Score65 / 100
PeriodJuly 1 to September 31
PredictionThis will be best part of the year for your for professional and financial life. Your love life will also blossom during this period. This is the period for couples planning children.
HealthScore : 55 / 100
Health problems will be there but recovery will also be quick.
RelationshipScore : 65 / 100
This period will be good for your relationship, strengthening your bond, and you will also be able to solve every dispute and misunderstanding together. During this period, you can also plan a beautiful journey when you may get many opportunities to understand and make your connection stronger.
CareerScore : 70 / 100
Your career will flourish during this period, although some quarrels can happen at the workplace, but you will be able to resolve the issues easily.
TravelScore : 35 / 100
Work related travel can be there and can turn very hectic.
FamilyScore : 70 / 100
family atmoshphere will remain cordial.
FriendsScore : 45 / 100
You may a lot of foreign professional contacts during this period.
FinancesScore : 65 / 100
Best time to repay your debts. Savings will also there during this period.
StatusScore : 45 / 100
Ups and down in your social standing can happen.
Score40 / 100
PeriodOctober 1 to December 31
PredictionYou may face some serious health issues during this time. Your family and friend will lend their full support to you. On professional front this period will be very good, you will earn the respect and support of your colleagues
HealthScore : 30 / 100
Take proper care your health during this period, as some serious issues may arise. Your will power will remain strong and will help you to get back on track. Your family and spouse will take full care of you.
RelationshipScore : 50 / 100
Your spouse will give you full support and love, and make you feel special. Not a very good time for peope who are planning to marry.
CareerScore : 65 / 100
Professional life will remain normal, you may always expect a sudden good news. Businesses will grow and you can expect some clients.
TravelScore : 70 / 100
You may go a spiritual travel with your friends and family. Your travels during this period will be full of happiness and will be very rewarding.
FamilyScore : 50 / 100
You will devote your time to your family, leading to a happy atmosphere in the family. You may even shift to a new house during this period.
FriendsScore : 50 / 100
Friends may remain a cause of concern during this period. Your friends will call on you to help them in their needs.
FinancesScore : 55 / 100
Earnings will remain very good during this period. Savings can remain low but the inflow will be quite good. Your debts may trouble you but will eventualy be repaid.
StatusScore : 60 / 100
Some unexpected good news will improve your prestige in the society.