This Week Horoscope
StatusScore : 46
You may have committed a silly error in your task and your entire team may suffer due to you. You will be shouted upon by seniors but you will have to maintain silence.
FinancesScore : 35
If you are planning to buy any land make sure that the piece of land does not have any legal issues. Read all the government-related documents carefully before signing it.
RelationshipScore : 17
Your love life may be in danger as you may seem to have been neglecting your partner a lot due to work or some other problems. Buck up before its too late.
CareerScore : 59
You will work with great clarity in your mind as you are now sure of what you want to do. Use this energy to do something good and big.
TravelScore : 88
You might have been feeling frustrated lately due to some personal issues. It is better if you visit places that are very likely to cheer you up.
FamilyScore : 27
You may feel dejected and miserable as your hard work will not seem to pay off and everyone will seem to blame you. However, your father shall stand by you and you will receive his support.
FriendsScore : 45
You might come to know of certain friends who bad-mouthed you in front of your other friends. It is better to leave friends who are not true behind your back.
HealthScore : 39
you feel discomfort while breathing. there may be many causes for that but you should do a breathing exercise to remain healthy
Total_scoreScore : 53
You will have to be careful with your activities. There are chances that you may be cheated by your client, or get involved in fraudulent activity of which you may have no idea. Be careful and do a background check of whatever you wish to invest in.