This Week Horoscope
StatusScore : 69
You shall have to deal with a significant number of transactions from now on. So, while negotiating rents and agreements you need to be a little careful.
FinancesScore : 90
You would be extremely prudent in your expenses and start saving for the future as you might have gone through a tough phase of the financial crisis.
RelationshipScore : 53
Chances are that misunderstandings may arise between husbands and wives as both may not be able to understand each other's concerns which may lead to petty arguments.
CareerScore : 72
There will be significant profit in the business that you may have just started. Keep working hard as you will be able to grow your business on a large scale.
TravelScore : 88
You might go for small trips nearby tourist destination or even go around for a short tour of the city to put your mind at ease. It will be quite helpful for you.
FamilyScore : 93
You may be in a mood to splurge yourself with some delightful items for your home and it seems you will buy the essential luxury items for your treat.
FriendsScore : 78
You might be working for the welfare of society and it will earn you fame. Your public service will get you some good friends.
HealthScore : 52
ladies may suffer from serious stomach aches this week. avoid lifting any unnecessary weights or doing some physical labor.
Total_scoreScore : 85
You will first feel hard times in the first few days of the week. As days pass you will convert all your failures to your advantage and make the biggest success streak which you will be proud of.