This Week Horoscope
StatusScore : 67
You will be very civil and gallant in your words and attitude with the people you deal with which is needed for the profession that you are currently in.
FinancesScore : 42
You have to be cautious in money transactions as there are possibilities that you might be cheated big time by a partner or a person you trust.
RelationshipScore : 25
This week seems to bring you a lot of compromises on your work front. Your partner may be promoted for all the hard work you have done. Do not lose hope as success will come later.
CareerScore : 50
You or your team may commit a huge blunder this week and may miss a golden opportunity with a prominent person to do business with. therefore, you will have to face the wrath of the superiors
TravelScore : 90
You might have been feeling the need of moving from your old house to a new house. This week brings you the perfect opportunity for booking a new apartment.
FamilyScore : 19
Peace might be lacking in your family as many issues are going on between each of the members and none seem to settle down on a common solution.
FriendsScore : 32
You might have to face dire consequences at your home due to your friend as you may be caught while doing some immoral activity.
HealthScore : 16
you will be stressed and frustrated as you have been bedridden for a long time now. but do not worry, it will soon be alright.
Total_scoreScore : 51
You may face a severe heartbreak or re-live a past trauma. This can lead your mind and body to be unstable. Avoid intersections at roads as an accident can take place which can bring back unpleasant memories and can make you both mentally and physically sick.