This Week Horoscope
StatusScore : 81
You will be perceived as an honorable person by others as you will be able to sway them in accepting your beliefs by your carefully chosen words.
FinancesScore : 61
You would be extremely prudent in your expenses and start saving for the future as you might have gone through a tough phase of the financial crisis.
RelationshipScore : 29
Some problems may arise this week due to the women in your life. Unsettling issues may come up between you and wife however, do not take sides as it may make matters worse.
CareerScore : 79
You might get a bigger responsibility in a political party s the party leaders will be impressed with your ideology and see a lot of potential for leadership in you.
TravelScore : 80
You might have been planning for a long-distance trip to some foreign land with a group of people. Take time and plan it as you will execute it successfully.
FamilyScore : 67
You may not be able to make your parents understand your point of view. However, your opinions will be expressed strongly by your younger brother as your support.
FriendsScore : 93
There is a great probability that the people who had been neglecting and ignoring you so far, will have to come to you and join hands with you.
HealthScore : 17
You may not find yourself in good health or maybe feeling weak and fatigued. There may be underlying causes, it will be better to take proper medication.
Total_scoreScore : 74
This week shall result in many positive results in the coming weeks. You are going to get the job that you desperately wanted and worked hard for. You will stay positive through odds that will come at you.