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How create more strong fortune house in atrology

Aug 10,2022 | By Shiva

In astrology, the strength of the houses in the birth chart is determined by several factors, including the planets that are placed in them, the aspects they receive from other planets, and the overall condition of the chart. Here are some tips for creating stronger fortune houses in astrology:

Strengthen the ruling planet: Each house in the birth chart is ruled by a particular planet. By strengthening the ruling planet, you can enhance the positive qualities of the house. For example, if the ruler of the second house (which is associated with wealth) is Jupiter, then strengthening Jupiter through planetary remedies or wearing gemstones associated with Jupiter can help to enhance your financial situation.

Pay attention to the planets placed in the house: The planets that are placed in a house can have a significant impact on the strength and quality of that house. For example, if the ninth house (which is associated with fortune and higher education) has Jupiter and Mercury placed in it, then this can indicate a strong potential for success in education and good fortune. However, if malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu are placed in the ninth house, it can indicate challenges or obstacles in attaining higher education or good fortune.

Look at the aspects to the house: Aspects from other planets to a particular house can also impact its strength and quality. Benefic aspects from planets like Jupiter and Venus can enhance the positive qualities of a house, while malefic aspects from planets like Saturn and Mars can indicate challenges or obstacles in that area of life.

Make use of astrological remedies: There are various astrological remedies that can help to strengthen the fortune houses in your birth chart. These can include wearing gemstones associated with the ruling planet of the house, performing specific mantras or rituals associated with that planet or house, and performing charitable acts or acts of service that are associated with the positive qualities of the house.

Pay attention to overall chart balance: In addition to focusing on individual houses, it's important to pay attention to the overall balance of the birth chart. This includes factors such as the strength of the ascendant and the condition of the chart overall. By working to balance and strengthen the chart as a whole, you can create a more supportive foundation for all areas of your life, including your fortune houses.

It's important to note that while astrology can provide insights and guidance, ultimately your destiny is in your own hands. Hard work, dedication, and positive actions are important factors in creating a successful and prosperous life. Astrology can be a helpful tool for understanding your strengths and weaknesses, but it should not be relied upon as the sole determinant of your success.

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