Are you having any of the below or similar questions bothering your mind pertaining to Marriage?

  • When will I get married?
  • Will I marry my lover?
  • When will my daughter’s wedding bell ring?
  • Will I get second marriage?
  • When will be my marriage? How will be my marital life?
  • Description of your spouse.
  • Timing of marriage, if not married.
  • Suggestions for getting married, if delayed.
  • Suggestions & clues to look out for your spouse.
  • Compatibility with spouse.
  • Children from marriage.
  • Luck or challenges due to marriage.
  • Advice & suggestions for better handling & adjustment with spouse.
  • Remedies for a happy married life.
  • Chances of remarriage or multiple marriages.
  • Certain very special advices & vital clues to assess marriage & success.
  • Other related points.

You must know the following:

It is most important to know the destiny of your marriage and marital life in your birth chart.
According to the strength and weakness of the destiny, you could have a happy marriage and marital bliss or hurdles in marriage and troubles in marital life or even denial of marriage as well.

You must know the possible and favorable period for your marriage before proceeding for marriage.
We carefully examined the placement of planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra to identify reasons for marital discord and weird relationship wrt to following houses.

2nd H – Prime House of Family.
7th H – Prime House of Marriage/Partner/Spouse
11th H – Gain of Life Partner/Spouse/Family/Fulfillment of Desires.
5th & 9th H – Facilitate Marriage and Relationship.

Marriage & Relationship Report Includes Following :

Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Marriage & Relationship.
Detailed Analysis of Concerned Divisional Chart & Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
Effects of Planets and Houses concerned with Marriage & Relationship.
Timing of Marriage & Relationship.
Dasha Analysis and Remedies.

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