Worship is mostly done in the houses of all the people in the morning and in the evening, but this should be known what the place of worship should be.

–  Where to build the place of worship, sprinkle the Gangajal before then, where the idol of God is to be installed in such a way devotee should be east facing while worship.

–  There is a red cloth to remember the red cloth on which there is a red cloth to lay down which is coming in the artificial shell.

–  Now the idol that we are going to install in the house should not be more than 11 inches tall. More than this, Murtiya is installed in temples.

–  First, take the idol from the Gangajal and then take a bath with Panchamrith, then again after bathing with GangaJal, establish it.

–  After this, like you are worshiped. Remember that there should not be a single God or Goddess 2 in the worship house.

–  Idols should never be put back in front of them, meaning that any God should not see the back of another God.

–  Do not use agarbatti instead, use Dhoop batti instead, because there is a bamboo in the incense burner, which is used to produce Pitridosh.

–  Make a veil of red color on the door of the temple and cover it with some time after the worship so that God can rest.

–  Pooja house should never be made in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or near.

–  It is appropriate to include the entire family at least in the morning worship, so that one family member of the family does not worship and does not join other worship, the lord is angry.

–  Make a separate place for Guru Photo, not to keep the photo of Guru or ancestor in the God Worship place. The ancestor photo should always be placed on the roof, wall or on a individual place.

–  Your worship takes you to your Gods Kuldevi or Kuldev. You should worship at least 1 time in six months and must take their blessings on all the auspicious occasions.

–  Ever see, all members of the family die in the accident or the disease, or the son who is going to run the race, dies, there is no birth of a son in anybody’s house, all this is because Kuldev is angry with you Protect.

–  By taking care of these small things, you can make your worship successful.

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