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Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Birth Name: Hillary Diane Rodham
Born on: 26 October 1947 at 08:02 am
Place: Chicago, Illinois, 41n51, 87w39

Hillary Clinton birth chart prediction
Hillary Clinton birth chart here see 1st house, ascendant with three planets placed with Sun, Mercury, Venus, that makes boldly person, from ascendant planetary support, Hilary Clinton is very committed lady, these kind of support always gives potential to fulfill own commitments. Her leadership speech always creates attention in rushed public, that wonderful birth gift she have. From 1st house makes her liberal nature before any activities these person analysis the subject, environment, requirement of others and do them with full of planning and energy. Here I’ll tell her birth on Shukla paksh dwadshi it’s near to Purnima, that support in all planning/manage the work how should execute the planning analysis for success in leadership. Mercury have very good support from 9th house that creating the winning bag in every battle. Mercury and Venus giving her good sense of humors and give strength with strongly competitor.

Jupiter in second house with conjunction of Rahu, Ketu, not a bad even help to hide the inner thoughts and play vital role to giving her strength and knowledge to become a true leader.

Mar and Saturn in 10th house is important house Mars is favorable here and gave her good and very polite in nature and diplomatic. She is very hard worker and responsible of other by professionally from this house. Hillary Clinton has very deep skills for true leadership. Currently Sun maha dasha going with Rahu antar dasha is not quite as good, Sun maha dasha is fine here to bring full of bringing and winning lights in presidential race.

Donald Trump birth chart prediction
Birth Name: Donald John Trump
Born on: 14 June 1946 at 10:54 (= 10:54 AM )
Place: Jamaica, New York, 40n41, 73w48

Donald Trump birth chart here see Jupiter retrograde, his very big dream to become to take ownership of big responsibility in his life. From ascendant he have great knowledge how to tackle the situation with own true skills, that’s why he never quit the ground of competitor race.
Donald Trump birth under full moon (Purnima) under mercury constellation, it’s hardly believable mercury gave confusion in life, through this planet he is very straight forward in nature and help to know his transparency.

Donald Trump has going under 2nd Sade Sati as moon is debilitated with conjunction of Rahu and Ketu. But still Moon and Sun giving him strength by birth. His fortune is very bright and favorable of peoples not in only US even outside of the US also.

Saturn and Venus makes them good sense and planning for his life. As Mars placed in 12th house, that well and making good scenario here for her life dreams to make them fulfill. 12th house Mars gave them nature and thought, there nothing is big than the life. Currently Jupiter maha dasha with Jupiter antar dasha with good indication of Jupiter in chart as currently Jupiter in Virgo zodiac sign related to ascendant, this transit comes in few intervals of his life with bring many many success happiness.
Another under the period of sade sati, very few peoples who have good results and fulfill own desire and goals once in life as Donald Trump have same.

As our prediction for future president will be the Donald Trump and wish him great success in his life dream and become responsible of responsibilities.

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