Whatever activity we begin at a particular moment retains the qualities of relationship with the surroundings of that place and moment of time. Each moment possesses its own special potency; hence, the importance of starting our enterprises at an auspicious and favourable moment to ensure a more fruitful and successful outcome to our undertakings. Actually, the beginning of any important enterprise has its own birth chart, and in this chart one can see the life of that enterprise.

When electing favourable moments for beginning our activities, it is important to place the Moon in a favourable constellation, sympathetic towards the activity we wish to enact. To know which constellations are especially favourable to you, it is necessary to first know your Janma Tara or Birth Constellation. This is easily derived from your birth chart made according to the Sidereal Zodiac. All calculations in Vedic astrology are made according to this zodiac.


Rohini, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarasadha, and Uttarabhadrapada are FIXED constellations and are favourable for digging wells, laying foundations or cities, expiatory rituals, planting trees, coronations, buying lands, meritorious deeds, sowing of seeds, installation of Deities, the building of a temple, or any other activity desirous of a lasting or permanent effect.

Mrgasira, Citra, Anuradha, and Revati are SOFT or GENTLE constellations good for fine arts, learning, making friendships, sensual pleasures, decorations, sexual union, wearing new apparel, marriage, singing and dancing, processions, auspicious ceremonies, festivities, dealings of agriculture, and journeys.

Asvini, Pusya, and Hasta are LIGHT or SWIFT constellations and are good for sports, enjoying items of luxury, starting industries, skilled labour, medical treatments, starting education, starting journeys, seeing friends, buying and selling, the performance of spiritual activities, decorations, fine arts, exercise, and for giving or receiving loans.

Ardra, Aslesa, Jyestha, and Mula are DREADFUL stars and are suitable for success in warfare, invocation of elementals and other spirits, imprisonment, separations, acts of destruction, and the breaking of alliances with superiors.

Purnavasu, Svati, Sravana, Dhanistha, and Satabhisa are TEMPORARY, MOVABLE, or QUICK stars favourable for undertaking travel, acquiring conveyances, gardening, going on processions, visiting friends, and anything of a temporary nature.

Bharani, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Purvasadha, and Purvabhadrapada are FIERCE or CRUEL, constellations and are suitable for acts of evil, deceit, and conflict, destruction of enemies, incarceration, poisoning, arson, battle, setting fire, acts of destruction, ill-repute, and cruelty.

Krtttika and Visakha are MIXED constellations and good for routine duties, one’s professional responsibilities, and any activities of day-to-day importance.

How to apply this to their natures:

FIXED (steady) stars, this is a favourable nakshatra to perform such things as laying foundations, for building, careers, relationships, things that you want to be permanent.

SOFT (gentle) stars, favourable for art, dance, music, marital union, ceremonies.

LIGHT (excellent) stars, which give pleasure, sports, giving medicine, starting industries or travel.

SHARP (harsh) stars, tantric incantations, imprisonment, causing separation of friends, assasinations.

MOVABLE stars, acquiring vehicles, going on procession, gardening.

DREADFUL (cruel) stars, evil schemes, evil deeds, planting ghosts in people, deceit, imprisonment, setting fires – arson.

MIXED stars, works of every day, day to day importance.

In the Vedic culture everything has its functional use. Some things may be good/right for some things, but “inauspicious” for other things. The following will give you insights into what the science of electoral (nuhurtha) astrology is all about.

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