Ketu Planet Gemstone (Cat’s Eye Gemstone)

cat's eye gemstone

Get 100% genuine Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) Birthstone to Create miracles in your life

Cat’s Eye is the gemstone recommended to strengthen the Ketu in your Horoscope.

Cat’s Eye Birthstone – A Cat’s Eye Gemstone for Planet Ketu.

Cat’s Eye gemstone increase the power of perception and insight. The ancients believed that cat’s-eye protected individuals from epidemics or diseases, from drowning and from enemies, as well as heightening psychic perceptions. Coincidentally it is supposed to bring good fortune to gamblers. Apatite cat’s-eye may be a less costly substitute for cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl, although its effects are less powerful, as well.

You can a get a 100% original, purified and tested Cat’s Eye from us. Along with Cat’s Eye you will get an authentic method of wearing the Cat’s Eye with metal, day, date, time, mantra and which finger to wear Cat’s Eye.

Please Not: Cat’s Eye gemstone would be 100% original and Laboratory tested. Just order now and enjoy the life.

Shipping: We will ship the product at your door-step. Shipping in india is 100% Free. Shipping charges for outside india will depend on you location.

Contact us: If you looking more information regarding the gemstones, please email us at offers loose gemstones in its jewellery Store. You will get loose gemstones from us via Courier at your home address. On special request we can set this gemstone into a gold/silver ring or pendant also. But for gold/silver you will need to pay extra funds. Send an email after placing order, if you want gemstone set into a gold/silver ring or pendant.

PRODUCTPrice in Rs.Weight in Ratti
Cat’s Eye, 3.25 Ratti21003.25
Cat’s Eye, 4.25 Ratti28004.25
Cat’s Eye, 5.25 Ratti35005.25
Cat’s Eye, 6.25 Ratti42006.25
Cat’s Eye, 7.25 Ratti49007.25

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