Live Astrology or Direct Astrologer SKYPE or Phone Consultation Consult directly with our Astrologer, nothing is comparable with Personal Consultancy.
This is not a Time Bound Service, we will discuss your chart up to satisfaction level. Live Astrology also known as Astrology on phone/Skype is one of the most sought-after services provided by Fistp, where you get to have a real time interaction with one among our panel of expert Vedic Astrologers over SKYPE or phone.NOTE : During Chart Reading only one Horoscope will be discussed.No matter how many questions you have asked.
Phone Numbers : +91-88-0032-9319,Key features of Live Astrology or Voice Astrology :Live interaction with professional and experienced Live Astrology expert
You choose a time slot that is convenient for you
Choice of appointment length: 30 minute or 60 minute slots
Our Live Astrology experts speak fluent English and can explain concepts for people new to Vedic astrology
Language : Select Hindi or English

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