Are you having any of the below or similar questions wavering in your mind pertaining to your Career or Job?

  • When Will I get a Job?
  • When Will I get a Job?
  • When can I expect any Transfer?
  • When will I get promotion?
  • Will I have change in my job?
  • Will I get job in abroad?

You must know the following:

It is important to know the destiny of the lower level studies and also higher studies in your chart
According to the strength and weakness of the destiny, the progress or hurdles in your education would happen depending on the running Dasa Bukthi periods.

The suitable fields of education for your higher studies to be found which could be useful for your future career.

For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following. Houses are carefully examined :

2nd H – Knowledge Acquired in Family .
6 th H- Prime House of Service and Working Condition.
7th H- Prime House of Business Partner, Trade and Commerce .
10th H – Prime House of Career, Name and Fame.
11th H – Prime House of Financial Gain.

Career Report Includes Following :

Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Career.
Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts (D-1 & D-10 ) and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Career
Recommendation of Right Career.
Periods of Rise and Down.
Dasha Analysis and Remedies .

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